Fantasmic dining package at the Blue Bayou!!

Hey guys!

On my last trip to Disney, I was pleasantly surprised with a secret reservation at the blue bayou! My husband had booked it for me as part of my wedding gift ( we were just married July 21 and visiting Disneyland for our honeymoon.) I was completely blown away with everything about this place.

First of all, for those who have not dined at the blue bayou.. it is actually inside the pirates of the Caribbean ride. So you sit water side watching people travel into the life of a pirate.

My husband had booked the “fantasmic Dining package” which included an amazing viewing section of the show “fantasmic”. The price of this was $61 US dollars per person!

For dinner we had the blue bayou salad as a starter. They also brought out delicious bread and butter. For my drink I got the mint julep ( which happens to be one of my favourite drinks at Disneyland) you can also get the mint julep at the “mint julep bar” which is New Orleans square. They sell for $4.49 per drink.

For our encore, both my husband and I got ” the surf and turf”. It’s a filet mignon, pacific northern lobster tail, the blue bayou potato’s Au gratin ( they were amazing 😉) seasonal vegetables with a side of Béarnaise sauce and butter. This meal was absolutely delicious. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. Everything was perfectly prepared. Included in this package is also a desert. We both got the traditional creme brûlée. It was nothing short of perfect. Believe me when I say, that I ate both mine as-well as my husbands🤣. Once we finished desert, we settled our bill and was given two super cute “fantasmic” themed seat cushions. We used them to sit on the ground and watch the show. When we returned home I actually gave them to my daughters to use on there desk chairs.

Now, although I have seen fantasmic before, it blows me away everytime. I cannot help but feel the emotions. Nobody puts on a show quite like Disney. It’s absolutely incredible and hands down my favourite show at Disney. I will go more in-depth about this on another post. 😄

I highly recommend doing the Fantasmic dining package at the Blue bayou. Next time we go with our kids I will definitely be doing this again. It is beyond worth it. It was such an amazing meal, in an incredible environment. The viewing of the show was nothing short of perfect. Directly after Fantasmic, they illuminated the water with the graphics of the fireworks. So it was basically a double whammy of both shows. Would be perfect for someone visiting the parks with limited time.

Thank you for reading!


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