Nightmare before Christmas DIY haunted mansion scroll!

Have you visited Disneyland during the Halloween/ Christmas holidays and stopped by the haunted mansion?? For my family, it’s one of our favourites attractions at the park during the holidays. The way the haunted mansion is transformed is spectacular. It makes you feel as if you have gone straight to Christmas town.

Personally one of my favourite decorations on the mansion is the Christmas formula scroll ( hanging to the left in the picture above).

Every year, even more so now that we have kids, I always decorate our house for each holiday. We have so much fun together pulling out our decorations, put on holiday music or movies and just get to work. Every season I take the kids to get a few new pieces to add to our holiday collections. Last year we got our life sized Jack skellington. ( we purchased him from spirit Halloween store for around 300$ Canadian). I wanted to transform a section of our house into an area designated especially for the Nightmare before Christmas. Naturally I decided to try and make my own nightmare before Christmas formula scroll! It was a huge success! My mom has actually asked me to make her ones aswell.. as she is also a massive fan of the movie.

This is how I constructed it…

I looked around to find the perfect materially that would last years. I ended up going with a painters sheet from Michaels craft store. I also purchased a shower rod ( from Walmart) and hot glued the fabric to the top of the rod which will make this scroll easy to hang.

I cut it roughly, and frayed the edges extra as it’s supposed to look kind of rustic.

I tried paints and fabric pens to do the drawing, but in all honesty I found that sharpies worked the best! So that’s what I used to put my designs on to the painters sheet. I free handed it all ( I am no artist 🤣 but it worked perfectly) I kept looking to the picture above to see where things were placed.. I took this picture back in 2015!!

And voila… it’s literally just that easy. I would say it took me maybe an hour to complete this? Let me know your thoughts. I love it, and I hope you do aswell ❤️❤️ thanks for reading

photo cred goes to my 8 year old daughter Brooklyn! Sorry about the horrible lighting 😭 I can’t wait to show you a picture of it in full Halloween effect!!! Happy haunting 👻🎃

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