Disney style ( October- main stream store edition)

It’s no secret… I love Disney clothes. I love them for myself, I love them for my kids heck I even try to buy them for my husband 🤣. When I have a few extra moments I love browsing the web, checking out the latest styles and deals. I wanted to share with you guys my favourite finds right now and a few things that I am super excited about.

As a lot of you already know, it’s a big year for our main man Mickey. He turns 90.. yes 90, November 18. So one big drop that I am patiently awaiting for is the Vans release of their new line in celebration of Mickeys birthday It’s scheduled to drop Oct 5! They have not shared to much info yet but if you want to check it out here is the link.


I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these 😍😩

-Who doesn’t love a good pair sunglasses. One thing we started doing a few year ago was purchasing a good quality pair of sunglasses for our kids. Cheap sunglasses do nothing to help protect your kids eyes and for 100$ you can purchase a top quality eye glass. I was always worried that it would be a waste of money in the sense that the glasses would be broken quickly or left somewhere, but knock on wood it’s been great. Each kid still has their same pair from 4 years ago.. expect for my middle daughter. Her glasses were passed down to our youngest daughter and replaced with prescription glasses.

So since we are on the topic, I want to show you guys the Mickey Mouse edition Raybands. They are they classic wayfarer with a hint of Mickey on the arms. These come in adult and kids sizing. Quantities are limited so if there is something your interested be sure to grab your pair quickly. Back in 2017 the released the same line and it flew off the shelf. So run don’t walk to grab your pair


Next is H&M. I could not believe when I saw that they currently have 368 items stocked online related to Disney. now I know these are both “men’s” items but I am really into buying bigger men’s size clothes right now. I am loving wearing it as an oversized sweater dress. I absolutely love both of these sweaters they are very well priced. I also thought that men’s shirt was a great price 👍


Like I said there is currently 368 items in stock. Everything baby to adult items. So if your in the market for some Disney gear at a reasonable price, be sure to check out H&M.

The Gap- I just fricken love the Gap. However I find it so expensive. Especially when I’m shopping for my kids 😭 but one thing I have gotten really good at is looking for a deal. So whenever I see that Gap has 40% off online, you best believe that I will take advantage of it.

Right now Gap is actually having a sale and I can’t get enough of the cuteness. The PJ’s are just beyond 😍 and this baby Snow White dress is so precious.


Since we are talking about Gap, next I will go onto Old navy. Old navy is also currently having a good sale. I found a lot of great stuff on their site aswell.


Believe it or not Amazon! Yes, Amazon has it all. If you need your items in a pinch it’s awesome because the offer prime shipping so you can literally have your items the next day. Everything from t-shirts to Disney autograph books. Very reasonable pricing aswell. You honestly cannot go wrong.. I love the toystory and Donald Duck shirt!


I also just wanted to mention if you are not wanting to shop online.. my other favourites main stream stores Hot topic and of course the Disney store however both do not ship to Canada 💔 which is so upsetting because I find the best deals online with both of these stores. I am hoping it’s just a matter of time before they do. If you have time time, or have these stores locally ( like I am lucky enough to have access to both of them) make sure to check them out at one point or another.

Anyways happy shopping 🛒 Hope you found this post helpful in anyway. Thank you for reading.


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