Small shop Ears ✨

Is it even possible to goto Disney parks and not wear a pair of ears?? Well, I guess technically it is.. but why wouldn’t  you want to??

Every time we lock in our travel dates for Disney, it’s next on my list to pick out ears for my kids and myself. I usually purchase a pair from the park as-well but lately I’ve been purchasing more and more from small shops that I have found on Etsy/ Instagram.

I love buying from small shops! When you buy from a small shop you are essentially helping a family directly. I also love that it’s supporting someone’s personal hobby. The product your buying was literally handmade with love.

I started buying ears off Etsy because a lot of the time I would be excited to dress in a certain theme/character and Disney parks did not have ears to represent that theme, well at least not at the time I was looking. It also made me original from everyone else in the park.. I guarantee that know one else will have the same pair on as you, which is so cool. I love being unique!

I wanted to create this post to help share some of my current favourite ear shops!!!

pixie dust pretties:

Find her on Etsy at –

On instagram under- pixiedustpretties

She can create almost anything you have in mind. They also usually have a great deal I believe it’s 2 pairs for 22$.. how can you even beat that? They are so comfortable, so light weight. I always buy them for my kids and myself. ( and we always get compliments in the park too ❤️❤️) be sure to check them out and place your order.

Below is a picture of my bachelorette party in Disneyland. All my girls are wearing pixiedustpretties solid gold ears! If your not already, follow her❤️

Missymousekatears :

Find her on Etsy –

Follow her on Instagram- missymousekatears

This girl is a complete sweet heart and a joy to talk too. She’s very creative, so If you give her an idea I’m sure she can complete it. She’s a fellow Canadian like me ( actually only living a few hours from Vancouver) and I cannot wait to have her create a few pairs for me for my next trip. Her ears are detailed and start at 35$Canadian.

Be sure to follow her and check her out❤️


Ears by Lauren:

Shop her website at –

Follow her on Instagram – Earsbylauren

She has her own style and I love it! Very unique and so fun. She actually offers a pair of ears called “memoears” that actually feature a picture of your choice on them. I love this idea and I have not seen it anywhere else. Aside from that her “up” ears are insane 😩 and I need them in my life.

How fun are those! She also even makes ears for your magic band❤️ I love her shop.. if your planning a trip to Disney make sure you check her out.

Ohana Ears Co:

On Etsy-

Follow her on Instagram – ohanaearsco

A style like no other. I love these ears. I find them very elegant and just stunning. You will be sure to be the only one in the park with such beautifully wired ears. You will not be disappointed shopping at this shop!

I loooove the Aurora ones 😍😍✨💕

Shimmer pop shop:

Etsy store-

Follow her on Instagram- shimmer pop shop

LED light up ears. Like come on.. how cool are these. I find myself messaging her time after time telling her she is killing it with her designs. I haven’t seen anything like it. They are just so fun! You will be sure to light up the night with these magical ears.

Since we are talking about ears, I want to show you my ear collection 💕

This is my collection thus far.. I cannot wait to add to it! My question to you is.. do you collect ears? If you do send me message telling me how you display them at home ❤️

I hope you enjoy this post. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It means so much to me 💕✨


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