Disneyland character dining ( Goofy’s kitchen)🍽

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So I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, and I have seen a lot of people also inquiring about it on some of the Disney chat groups, so here we go… Character dining.. are they worth the extra money? Which one should I choose? My answer is ABSOLUTELY! They are so worth the money especially when traveling with little children. For Disneyland character dining there are the following options:

Goofy’s kitchen ( located inside the Disneyland hotel) – Characters include Goofy, Minnie, chip/Dale and Pluto.

Storytellers cafe ( located inside the Grand Californian) – characters are animal theme so they are chip/dale, Pluto and I believe it’s Brother bear?

Minnie and friends breakfast in the park ( located at the Plaza inn restaurant on Main Street USA) – character include minnie, tigger, Eeyore, Rafiki, Captain Hook, white rabbit (Alice in wonderland), fairy godmother.

Donald Ducks seaside breakfast ( located inside paradise pier hotel)- Characters include Donald (I love meeting Donald), Daisy and stitch!

We have tried Ariel’s grotto, which is no longer available 😢 (it used to be where the lamplight lounge is.) As well as the storytellers cafe, and Goofy’s kitchen. So far Goofy’s kitchen is our favourite ❤️

We loved the characters that were available at Goofy’s kitchen.. we met goofy of course, Minnie, chip/dale, and Pluto when we visited. Now they always have a disclaimer that states not all those characters are always guaranteed however I think it’s rare that they are not. If one of them is not available they usually sub in another Character.One of the reasons why I like doing a character dining is because it literally saves you time, and timing is everything in the park. The line ups inside the park to meet characters can get overwhelming if you do not plan it correctly, and trust me when I say you need to plan it right.. we have missed out so many times. So I literally find this as a double whammy.. what’s better than eating and meeting your favs at the same time. The characters are very generous with the time they spend at each table, so don’t feel the need to rush. One of my favourite pictures we captured at a character dining experience is this one below. My husband and myself were helping our youngest get her food.. my two older kids were eating breakfast while Pluto came around.. so my son took my camera and asked Pluto for a selfie 🤣this was the out come …

The food ( we have only done breakfast dining at all venues ) its honestly nothing different than the food you find all over the park. It’s your typical scrabbled eggs, bacon, Mickey shaped waffles etc but it does the trick. I have also been told that Goofy’s kitchen has the best selection for food. The next big question I get is do I need to make a reservation.. my best answer is yes! I would call ahead ( your able to make dining reservations 60 prior to your trip) you can call, or book your reservations through the Disneyland app! With that being said.. my family has really lucked out. We have literally walked into every character dining without booking a reservation, however if your going during peak times ( Christmas / summer break) I wouldn’t chance it. I Hope I gave you some good insight into how fun Goofy’s kitchen is. Which ever dining you choose I promise you will not regret it❤️ I also just want to note that I am in no way affiliated with Disney/ Disney parks ( although I wish I was 🤣 – Disney call me 📞 lol) I am simply a mom giving my opinion on a few of my favourite things ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope you have the best time on your vacation.


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