Not able to visit the park? Here are my favourite ways to include Disney magic in your everyday life ☀️

I recently had an amazing opportunity to be on the Detour to neverland podcast ( episode #20 incase your wanting to check it out) In this interview I talked about how I sometimes get the Disney blues when trying to get back into a routine from a vacation. It got me thinking🤔 what a perfect topic this would be for my next blog post.. so here we go, this is how I incorporate that Disney magic in my everyday home life.

1) Disney music. Music is sure to always bring back all those major Disney feels! Especially when it’s from one of your favourite magical movies. Lately I find myself turning off the tv putting my phone away and listening to music with my kids while we get our chores or projects done. I think this so therapeutic and refreshing. There is a lot of awesome playlists on Spotify which make it easy to keep the music rolling.

2) Disney themed Podcasts. I am so new to this, but they got me hooked fast. I love hearing from such knowledgeable disnerds about so many different topics all Disney related. I listen to them while I drive, while I do laundry even when I’m in the bath 🛀 a few of my favourites so far are

Detour to neverland! – One of my favourite episodes are the introduction into who the podcaster is so I loved episode #1, I also really liked episode #21 with the Imagineer *Spoiler alert * my fav part in this episode is when he talks about how he wrote a letter to Roy Disney.. it’s so magical.

Imagineer – I feel like this is such a unique podcast, he gives such amazing insight into attractions and all things Disney. Our favourite episode so far is episode#15! So many amazing facts regarding the radiator springs racers ride. Definitely check it out.

Capture the magic – a Disney world based podcast operated by a husband and wife who just radiant that Disney magic. They touch on all things at Disneyworld and offer amazing tips. Very satisfying to listen too. Check them out!

3) Disney movie nights. Disney seems to always release a movie to the theatres every few months and we usually always make a precedent to go and see whichever one is currently out. We really enjoy going to the movie theatre, but when there isn’t a new movie out we love staying in and making a fun night out of it. There is nothing better than snuggling up on your couch with loved ones around you watching a magical movie. We actually do this a lot. We grab our favourite snacks, put on pjs, wrap ourself in a comfortable blanket and throw on a Disney movie! Sometimes we even goto the movie theatre and grab some of that famous popcorn and bring it home to enjoy.

4) Recreate your favourite Disney park treats! We love doing this.. we have made jumbo pretzels, cupcakes, all kinds of cookies, pancakes and waffles.. we do Mickey waffles a lot. It’s our staple treat for birthdays and holidays. Next on our list to recreate is the iconic Mickey candy apple. ( I’ll be sure to share the recipe and how it turns out once we get the chance to do this)

5) Do a Disney DIY! There are sooo many amazing ideas on Pinterest, and we are currently in the perfect season to be crafty. Wether it is as simple as painting Disney inspired pumpkin with your kids or getting a head start on your Disney inspired Christmas wreath there is so many options to explore. The older I get the more I am enjoying making my own home decor. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create yourself a one of a kind Disney masterpiece to enjoy for years to come ❤️

6) Pick up a book! I’ve been really enjoying reading to my kids lately. When we don’t have a million after school activities to do.. I love gathering my kids together in my bedroom and read a good old Disney fairytale. Right now we are going through these 5 minute Disney Halloween tales. I feel like all my kids are in such a good age in which they all truly appreciate this time together as-well …

Currently for myself I am reading this Walt Disney biography.Reading is such a fantastic way to escape the world for a moment and truly indulge in some YOU time. For me I feel like it helps me reduce from stress and I really believe that it has helped me shape into the person I am today.

7) YouTube Vlogs! Wow, is there ever some amazing Disney Vloggers out there. This is such a resourceful tool as-well. I swear you can find every Disney property walk through on YouTube ( which is so helpful for booking a trip) but when I’m really missing the park or I just want to be able to keep up to date on the evolution on the parks I always turn to YouTube. One of my favourite subscriptions is to Alyssa on the Rocks! She is absolutely phenomenal.. I have followed her for years now on both Instagram and YouTube. Definitely check her out if you have not already.

8) *This tip is for someone who has just previously visited a Disney park* Go through your trip pictures and make sure you actually get prints of them.. I’ve actually taken up scrap booking ( which kind of fits under the DIY projects) I have been loving actually documenting our families experiences through scrapbooking. It makes an amazing keep sake for the family. Micheals craft store carry’s a lot of Disney scrapbooking products, So make sure you check them out when starting your next project.

9) Disney store FREE Events! Most people don’t know this, but the Disney store always offers free workshops and events for kids. Right now ( at our Disney store anyways) every Saturday during the month of October kids can come in at 1pm and create there very own Mickey light up wristband. How cool is that? Click this link to find what events are being offered at the Disneystore nearest you

10) Research and plan your next trip! I love doing this.. I’m always looking at new hotels or resorts that I want to try with my family. Disney is always evolving and changing and I swear no matter how many times you go and see the park there is always something you miss or that is new. I love staying on top of these things and figuring out how I can maximize my families next Disney experience. I have made a bucket list for my family. On the top of this list is places like Disney Aulani, Disney world and Disney cruise lines!! It’s so fun to make new plans and explore all your possibilities within a Disney vacation.

So there you have it! Those are my favourite activities to help keep my Disney love alive and blossoming. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart❤️ Until next time.. 👋


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