Best places to beat the crowds at Disneyland & California Adventure

The crowds at Disney can be super overwhelming at times and you may feel like you want to escape them for a few moments.. I wanted to share with you, a few of my favourite spots that allow you to do just that..

Starting with Disneyland

Star Wars launch bay :

This area is usually almost always empty and there is so much to look at. It’s filled with so many super cool props from the actual star wars movie sets. At the launch bay you also have the opportunity to meet some of your favourite Star Wars characters such as Chewbacca ( one of my fav characters to meet), Kylo Ren and Darth Vader himself! One of the best things about this area is ITS AIR CONDITIONED! So it’s perfect for those hot summer days.

Great moments with Mr.Lincoln :

This is another low traffic area, which also happens to be air conditioned 😜 I personally love the beginning of the show when we get to see Walt Disney himself talk about how Mr.Lincoln inspired him❤️ It’s a great spot to be able to take a moment and rest your feet. A lot of people do not even realize this is even here. So be sure to take advantage of it.

Big thunder trails:

At least I think this is what the area is called 🤔? Anyways, the area just above the Big Thunder Mountain ride is amazing 🌵. (*Disclaimer * This May not be a great area for to much longer as star wars land is set to open next year) but for the time being we love it. It really is a peaceful spot to rest, not many people head up this way. We usually grab some popcorn 🍿 and sit ourselves on a bench and relax before heading to our next attraction. If you time it properly with the Disneyland App you can also meet some of your favourite ToyStory characters up here as-well.

On the California Adventure side

The Animation Academy: This is my personal favourite space to relax out of them all 😍 It’s honestly impossible to go into this area and not feel the Disney magic❤️ this area is also air conditioned which is amazing. My kids love it because there is always so much to see and do.

•You can sit in and watch “turtle talk with crush” which is an adorable interactive show with our favourite turtle🐢

• Go down into the Beasts library 📚 😍 And take the interactive quiz your Disney personality.

•Visit the Sorcerers workshop and learn to draw one of your favourite Disney characters✏️

• This is also the spot to meet Anna, Elsa and Olaf ❤️ ❄️

Hyperion theatre:

Currently it is playing Frozen ❄️ I have been dying to see it at this theatre because I have heard it’s absolutely phenomenal. I highly recommend seeing this show. It gives you some great time to sit down and enjoy some magical Disney action ❤️

The area by Grizzly River Run:

This is also a very peaceful/ fun spot to take a load off your feet. If you can get the right bench you are able to watch the tubes come down off the mountain 🏔 and the soaking wet people come off the ride. This is a beautiful forest like setting as well.

If you have a favourite spot in Disneyland, that you love to sit back and people watch/ rest email me and let me know ❤️ I hope you found this post useful in anyway. Thank you for reading.


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