The best places to take a selfie at Disneyland ðŸ“¸

Let’s be real.. we all do it 🤳 We take them of ourself, we take them of our kids, some people even do it just for Instagram.. whatever the reason, selfies are a must. It’s a special way to hold on to memories and Disneyland is so visual appealing. Here is a list of my most favourite places to take a selfie at Disneyland/ California Adventure:


– Right after you walk through the main ticket gate, you will see the Disneyland Main Street train station. It’s so beautifully landscaped and it’s the perfect spot for your first selfie of the day. Usually Disney has a photo pass photographer at this location, which makes it extra easy to take the photo.

– The “Partners statue” of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. It’s centrally located right in the middle of Disneyland. For me this is a definite must for a photo location and I always like to use it as a reminder too look around and really appreciate what Walt and Mickey have created together ❤️ This location usually always has a Disney photo pass photographer as-well. Which is always a bonus.

-Tomorrowland. Right as you enter tomorrow land you will see the Astro orbiter. This is always a super cool shot. This location also has a Disney Photo-pass photographer for your connivence.

-The Star Wars launch bay wall!!! Perfect for you star wars fans.. when leaving the launch bay ( closer to the autopia ride ) there is a wall that says “May the force be with you” this has become a very popular spot to take a photo. I believe there is even an Instagram page dedicated to this wall💙 This is usually a quite spot to take a picture as-well, so it is perfect for when your not feeling like waiting in line for a photo pass photographer.

-The tea cups!! So much colour and just so much fun. This is an iconic place to take a photo. Wether your able to snap a picture while your spinning in a cup or your able to sit in the photo prop tea cup in front of the ride, this makes for an epic photo.

– Basically anywhere in Toontown!! Toontown is just so much fun, which naturally makes for fun pictures. Any wall in Toontown will do. For our family we always take a picture of our kids in the ” Dog pound”

The castle 🏰 I could never forget the castle. The most obvious spot is right in front. Which is always amazing but it can be very busy at times When it’s to busy another great spot is off to the right ( a lot of people over look this area making it a quite spot to take a photo) California Adventure:

– Hollywood Boulevard! This place also always has a photo pass photography which is so helpful for taking a professional looking photo.

-Animation academy ” ..and they lived happily ever after” Wall. I’ve talked about this area a lot because I just love it that much. It’s so magical in the Animation academy. This wall is on your way out of the building

-Boo’s door, in front of the monster inc ride. Usually they have the scream canister right by the door as-well as a prop.

-The “Buzz Lightyear wall” this always makes for such a fun photo. It’s kind of hidden up by the monsters inc ride in California Adventure. Such a fun photo spot. Be sure to check it out..

-Cars Land!! I absolutely looove Cars land. It “MIGHT” even be one of my favourite spaces. Disney did such an amazing job of transforming you right into radiator springs. I especially love it at night. The neon colouring is so spectacular.. really anywhere on the Main Street will make for an unforgettable picture. There is also a lot of photo pass photographers on this street as well making it super convenient. Here are a few of my favourite pictures in cars land.. – in front of the little mermaid ride, the area where everyone stands to watch the world of colour show is the perfect spot to showcase mickeys fun-wheel and the incredicoaster. It’s beautiful in the daylight and extra stunning at night.

-Disney balloons 🎈 when you see a cast member with a handful of those iconic Disney balloons don’t be afraid to ask them to use them as a photo prop. This always makes for a fun picture.

There you have it.. these are my most favourite spots to take a photo at Disneyland. I hope you found this post helpful. Now happy snapping 📸


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