Shopping in Disneyland.

Disneyland is like a magnet pulling on your wallet the minute you walk through the front gates.. actually even before the gates. It never fails every time I get to the park there is always something “I need” to buy, and then I end up finding a few extra things along the way. There is so many options and it’s easy to lose yourself amongst all the amazing merchandise. What I’ve found works best for my family is to make a plan ahead of time. What’s the one item we want to get from this trip. With that being said, I’ve also learned some valuable lessons when shopping at Disneyland. That lesson is.. If you see if you see it and you really want it.. just buy it now. Because the whole ” I want to look around to see what else there is” is a bad idea. Almost every time I’ve done that it’s gone 😭 Here is some of my favourite items to buy on site at the parks and where you can find the best selection.

Disney mugs/ coffee cups are one of my favourite things to collect. they are amazing quality and they always release new ones all the time making them so much fun to collect. They usually cost around 20$ so they are defiantly affordable. Another bonus is, that the cast members wrap the cups so good, making them easy to bring home. My favourite store to grab a mug at is usually the World of Disney at down-town Disney or the Disney home store.

Spirit jersey  In true Disney park fashion, the spirit jersey is all the rage. I’m in love with them. They usually run around 50-60$. They hold up well in the wash which is also a bonus. I love how they make jerseys for kids and adults so everyone can match ( which is kind of a habit in my house, love matching my minis). my favourite store for Disney jerseys is The World of Disney, Disney land Emporium or on the California adventure side Elias and Co.

Throw blankets. Can anyone really have enough blankets around the house? I have extras in my car, on the couch and each of my kids have one at the end of there beds.We love Disney throw blankets. they are amazingly soft and wash amazing as well. Disney land Emporium is usually our favourite store for throw blankets.

Christmas ornaments. I started this collections on my families first trip. every time we go, I make sure to grab that years tree ornament and I put a picture of that trip inside it. its amazing keep sake. It’s small and easy to transport home. In California Adventure there is a store called “off the page” they usually have a wide range of ornaments. Also the World of Disney store usually stocks them year round.

Mickey ears / hats for kids. They are a must! I love collecting Mickey ears and so do my kids. We love seeing the new styles that are released every year. The best place for ears and hats has to be The Mad hatter, the World of Disney store or for Pixar related ears/hats one of my all time favourite stores is in California Adventure its called “Knick knacks’

Postcards. This is a newer addiction, and to tell you the truth I’ve never actually sent one as an actual post card lol I have plans for framing them and putting them in our movie room. But now that I’m thinking about it, I am totally going to grab more and send them out when I do a give away on instagram or just when I want to say hi to friends. For finding the best selection of postcards I recommend going to “off the page” in California Adventure. or in downtown Disney there is an art shop called “Wonderground Gallery” that has a fantastic collection as well.

Lounge fly bags. I love going handsfree in the park and not carrying around a blink clunky purse, and lounge fly makes doing this stylish. I’ve noticed this is becoming a huge trend in the parks and even here in British Columbia. They always come out with adorable new styles and they are made with such great quality. Lately my daughters have really taken a liking to this bags as-well, so we have all been kind of sharing a collection. The store with the most lounge fly accessories in stock is the World of Disney store, in downtown Disney.

Family Portraits. This is also a newer tradition but we sure love looking at it and reminiscing. When our kids were getting their first portrait taken I over heard an older woman making a reservation for the next time slot to have her families picture done, she told me that every time they took a family trip to Disneyland they would stop in with these Artist ( In New Orleans Square) and the whole family would get their picture drawn. I Asked ” Why always this location, I saw artist on the California Adventure side, and in Down Town Disney” She told me that only in New Orleans square they have a water mark that says “Disneyland Parks” which makes it extra special to her family. So from that point on, once every 2 years I am going to continue this tradition and update our families portrait at Disneyland.


I also wanted to note, a big perk of staying at an onsite Disney property is the ability to buy something inside the park and have the cast members run it to your hotel for you, so you do not have to pack it around all day with you. I have personally done this many times. One time they brought it right up into my room for me ( they must not have been that busy) the other times they leave your items at the bell desk and you pick it up in the following hours.

Thank you so much for reading about how i love spending my husbands hard earned money on more Disney merchandise lol. Happy shopping friends.



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