The best quick service food at Disneyland.

Some of it comes Mickey shaped and others do not, regardless its delicious and you need to try it. If your planning an up and coming trip to Disneyland, these are my must try items.

Mickey Shaped Ice cream bars… what could be more perfect on a hot California day? In all honesty I was never the biggest ice cream fan, but these are delicious and my family cannot get enough of them. You can find these at various kiosks around the park.

Dole Whip. And let me just start by saying.. Yes, it really is all the rage. like I mentioned above I’m personally not a massive fan of ice cream but pineapple infused frozen yogurt is defiantly my jam.  At the park you can find Dole whip at the Tiki juice bar (which was just renovated) There usually is a massive line for this, because yes, it really is that good. However Disney now offers mobile ordering through the Disneyland app, so in encourage you to try to mobile order it.

**Special tip about Dole whip** and when I say special I mean it, because not a lot of people are aware of this..  The Disneyland Hotel has a coffee shop called The Coffee house which not only sells amazing coffee, it sells Dole whip!! regular Dole whip and Dole whip with RUM! yes you read that correctly, and let me tell you, it’s heavenly.

Mickey shaped Pretzels. My family cannot get enough of these. I swear we all eat like two of them a day. They are everything you hoped for, and say yes to the cheese dip. You can also find these at various locations around the park.. Off the top of my head I remember grabbing them at a kiosk in Tomorrow land. Refreshment Corner also has Jalapeño cheese filled Pretzels well as Cream Cheese filled Pretzels.

Galactic Grill ( in Tomorrowland). My kids LOVE  Disneyland Chicken breast nuggets ( if you see chicken nuggets on a menu chances are they are all the same, which is a good thing) They are all white chicken with crunchy batter, a favourite of my family for sure. The burger here is also so delicious. We always have one quick-lunch here and have never been disappointed. I also highly recommend doing mobile ordering for this grill aswell, as lines can quickly form.

Bengal Barbecue: Man oh man do we ever love this place, well my husband and I do anyways, because our kids are super picky with sauce. Our must have items are the Banyan Beef skewers ( they are hot and spicy) as well as the Chieftain Chicken skewers. The Tiger Tail Breadsticks are also delicious. They also offer mobile ordering at this location for your convent.

The French market. In New Orleans Square. A little something for everyone. Creamy Corn Chowder in a sour dough bread bowl to French dips. The French Market Chicken is my husbands favourite. It is a  half an oven roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and seasonal veggies all for $14.99.

Mint Julep Bar. I cannot even say enough about this little place. The Mint Julep drink is so so good, and the Beignets are literally to die for. But prepared to get messy lol you will have icing sugar everywhere, but it’s so worth it. The Mint Julep retails for $4.49. A 3 pack of Beignets sell for $4.99 and a 6 pack is $8.49 ( I say go for the 6 pack)

Pluto’s Dog House. If it’s a hot dog you want venture up to Toontown and visit Pluto’s Dog house. Here you can find Foot long hotdogs perfect for sharing for $8.49.

Turkey legs. Not my thing at all, to be honest I cannot even stand the smell of them or watching people eat them lol but my son is literally sooo obsessed with them. they have kiosks in front of the castle and by the Mark Twain River Boat, if your daring enough to give it a shot.

Happy eating 🙂



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