//Universal Studios Hollywood//

img_4322Most families, when planning a trip to California usually take into factor all the entertainment within the area. Disneyland and Universal Studios kind of go hand in hand. I wanted to write a post to explain in my opinion the easiest way to do Universal studios Hollywood with a family and our favorite areas of the park.

Like Disneyland, Universal Studios has an App that you can download on your smart phone. It gives you all the wait times, allows the purchase of tickets, gives restaurant options and tells you when its busy season etc. The absolute best piece of advice I can give about Universal is check the app and prepare for the time of year that you are going. If its saying that is the quite time you will be more than fine with their regular admission pass which runs from $109-$129 US. However if it the busy season I can’t stress enough on how awesome the Universal express pass is. this pass costs between $179-$259 US. The Universal Express pass allows you to skip the regular ride line ups and go straight to the front. Your able to ride each attraction in the park this way once. We have only used the Express pass when going to Universal studios, its been very expensive but always worth it. With this ride pass we have been able to do the park within half a day, which is amazing.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is no doubt my families favourite part of the park. It’s so magical. My kids loved using their wands to do magic and we have defiantly had our share of butter beer. My families favourite restaurant is 3 Broomsticks. Each time we have gone to Universal we have eaten here. We really enjoy the rotisserie chicken meal.img_4326

Super Silly fun Land and Minion Mayham. This Area is so much fun. Gru’s Lab has some cute and delicious treats. One of mine and my husbands favorite spots in this area is Mulligan’s Irish Pub. We always stop in here and have a Classic Ceaser. They make Ceasers just as they do up here in Canada, which is always a treat when you’re in California. The last time we were at Universal Studios the lady working in this pub was actually from Vancouver which was super cool.

The Simpsons, Krusty Land. To be completely honest this is not my favourite part of the park in any way. It is visually appealing, however the Ride makes me feel motion sickness almost every time.. The one thing that we like to do in this area is to stop into Moe’s and grab a Duff Beer.

The Studio Tour. Perfect for the movie lover in all of us. This tour is so much fun. Our kids even really enjoy it. It’s a perfect way to rest your feet and still have a lot of fun. It’s so cool to explore the Universal back lot and learn how they have filmed movies on site. If your lucky enough, you might even spot some famous actor/ actresses.

One thing that I personally do not like about the park is the layout of the actual park and the massive scary escalators down to the lower part of the park. However the lower portion of the park is really great, but defiantly geared for children 8 years plus. The rides are a little bit more thrilling. They have the Jurassic Park ride, The Mummy and Transformers, Which are all very fun. They also have some fun interactive features in this section of the park. Usually there are transformers and velociraptor walking and interacting within the crowd, we really enjoy those futures.

Universal Studios has always been a great time for our family, however the last few times we have gone not much has changed within the park. Last time we were there ( August 2018) I noticed they were renovating and building a new section to the park.. So I am excited to see what this expansion will add.. If you know anything about this renovation I would love to hear about it.

– Crystal





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