//Blog hop intro// Best rides for the family: Disney California Adventure

Hey guys 👋 I’m so excited to announce something new that I am going to be bringing to my blog.. I have joined up with some other super amazing Disney bloggers within this amazing Disney community. We have decided that once a month we would do a blog hop which showcases some of these other amazing bloggers. This month my blog is featuring a really fun account that I am super excited to share with you. Oh sweet Disney♥️


Now back to our regular broadcasting.. Just recently I did a blog post about The best family rides on the Disneyland side so I wanted to do a post about the best family rides on the California Adventure side. So here we go..

  1. Monsters inc: This ride is perfect for all ages. It’s a run through of the first Monsters Inc movie. One of our favorite things about this ride is all the smells. When you go through Harry Hausens restaurant it actually smells like sushi. It’s just so cool. All 3 of our kids really enjoy this ride.
  2. Maters Junkyard Jamboree: It’s a little fast,  height requirement is 32″ . The music is so much fun. it’s a spiny ride but we all really enjoy it.
  3. The Little Mermaid ~ Ariels Undersea Adventure.  This ride has no height requirement making it perfect for the whole family. This is a slow-moving cart that takes you on Ariel’s Journey. It’s a darker ride, however we do not find it scary in any way.
  4. Toy Story Midway Mania! This ride has no height requirement. This is one of my kids favorite rides. guests wear 4D glasses and try to shoot all the targets trying to score the highest score possible.img_4365
  5. Pixar Pal-A-Round ( non swinging cart): This ride does reach a very high point, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who have a fear of heights, however there is no height requirement so its perfect for the whole family. We really enjoy doing this ride at night, it gives you an amazing view of the whole park.
  6.  Golden Zephyr: This is a swinging ride that flies mildly high, so once again if you have a fear of heights I wouldn’t really recommend it, however once again there is no height requirement. Our family also enjoys this ride. There is usually little to no wait so that is always a bonus.

Our family also really enjoys Radiator Springs racers, The incredicoaster and Grizzly River Run, however these rides have a minimum height requirement of 40″ -42″and  -48′. This Spring Jesse’s  Critter Carousel is set to open on Pixar Pier. This will be another fun attraction for all ages. Thank you so much for reading. What is your favorite family ride In Disney’s California Adventure?

– Crystal

6 thoughts on “//Blog hop intro// Best rides for the family: Disney California Adventure

  1. I love this! It’s so important to highlight good family rides. I can’t believe how many times i’ve heard “i’m going to wait ’til I’m older” and i think families really miss out!


  2. I always appreciate ride reviews since my group has some anxiety about thrill rides (and our definition of thrill is probably a little over exaggerated). Thanks for the tips! Hoping to go to DL someday!


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