//Downtown Disney love//

It is a tradition within my family to always explore Downtown Disney once we have settled into our hotel room. It’s a great way to prep yourself before going into the actual park. It’s super festive, we love the Disney music that plays continuously getting you pumped up for the park. It’s got a bit of everything from quick service dining/ delicious sit down meals, amazing entertainment from live music to bowling and other amazing shops.. Downtown Disney District is packed with fun.

One great perk of Downtown Disney is that it’s Free ☺️ and it’s open late, it’s almost always open until 2am ( unless it’s a Sunday everything closes at 11-12am).

Naturally our families favourite store is The World of Disney. It’s a great way to check out all the latest merchandise in the parks. As always Disney did such an amazing job with the themeing of the store. There is a huge selection of mouse ears/hats, clothing, toys, household items and more. For myself it’s nearly impossible to walk out of here empty-handed. So many amazing goodies.

For sit down food we really love Splitzville. It has everything from pizza- sushi and amazing cocktails.. like really amazing 🍹below is a picture of my friends and myself enjoying my personal favourite which is a grapefruit base cocktail.

they have bowling as well ( if you didn’t already gather that from their name )

For both sit down and quick service La Brea Bakery Cafe is also another favourite of ours. The pricing is awesome and so is the food quality. The tomato basil bisque in a bread bowl is my favourite and my kids love the Mac and Cheese.

Raylph Brennan’s Jazz kitchen is also fantastic. they offer cajun-creole style food. I will tell you a secret about this location.. they offer Beignets on their menu just like the ones you can find in New Orleans Square, Disneyland. You can order these from their express window as well.

Catal Restaurant is a must for us! It’s American style food and really in such a fun location. If you get the chance to sit outside it’s situated right by live music and entertainment right in the heart of downtown Disney. It’s moderately priced food and opened for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For other quick service food options there is a Starbucks, Salt and Straw which is known for their amazing selection of milk shakes, and Naples Restaurante a delicious pizzeria.

Weather you visit Downtown Disney for shopping or food you cannot go wrong it’s always a great time. I hope you found this post helpful♥️

Thanks for reading.


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