//Your Ultimate guide to Snacks at Disneyland//

We are snack-o-holics in this house.. if that’s even a word🤷‍♀️ and at Disney we love to get our snacks on big time. Since this months theme for our Disney blog hop I wanted to give a review of our all time favourite Disney snacks and where to find them.

Firstly I wanted to recommend the Disneyland App! It’s a life saver and so handy. It gives you everything from wait times, restaurant locations/ menus/ pricing, restroom options, character locations, show times and much more. It’s quite simply just genius! I always want to acknowledge the fact that all these photos on this post are kindly borrowed off the Disneyland app and that I am in no way affiliated with Disney, although one day I hope to be.. A girl can have dreams right? ♥️

Mickey shapes pretzels 🥨- I feel like I have talked about the Disneyland Pretzels a lot but they are really that good! We usually go into Tomorrow land first, when arriving to the Park, so naturally the the Pretzel cart near Star Tours is one of our first stops as-well. Pretzels are $5.25. They are the perfect snack and are actually quite filling.

Disneyland Churros– Personally I feel like a Disneyland Churro is basically the iconic Park snack. They are the perfect balance of a sugary crunchy outside, and super soft inside 😩Disneyland has specially flavoured churros every season, all the ones we have tried are delicious, so don’t be afraid of the unique flavouring. Churros sell for $4.75. This is one of our favourite churro stands, right by Sleeping Beauty’s Castle 😍

Popcorn 🍿 – Firstly, can I just say that the smell of freshly popped popcorn is everything!! It’s so perfect for sharing too, which is always a bonus, especially when you have a family of 5 like mine. Disneyland always releases limited addition popcorn buckets which is something to look out for. They are a great collectables. I’ve seen some super cool ways to incorporate them into your house on Pinterest. One of our favourite popcorn carts is the one located by the Haunted Mansion. Popcorn sells for $5.00 and the souvenir bucket is $9.00.

Dole whip – Again, when talking about iconic Disneyland snacks Dole whip is so popular, and for good reason. It’s very delicious and refreshing. The Dole whip soft serve is my personal favourite. It sells for $5.69. Just a forewarning about this place.. it’s ALWAYS busy, and I mean always! A great tip is to use the Disneyland app and mobile order, your order. This way you can by pass the line😬

Beignets- This is one of my personal favourites, and also another very popular treat within the park. Like the churro, Disneyland also offers seasonal beignets right now is the butterscotch🥰 They sell in 3 and 6packs ( I obviously recommend the 6pack 😉) The Mint Julep bar is conveniently located near one of the Disneyland railroad stops, so I recommend grabbing a pack of Beignets and hopping on the train. Turkey Legs and Buttered Corn 🌽: Now the Turkey Legs Are hardly a snack and more of a entire meal because they are gigantic, and to be honest I am not a fan of them, nor can I even barely handle to witness someone eating one but my son is Obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED! So this is always one of our go to stops for a snack. The rest of the family loves the buttered corn on the cob. It’s so delicious 😋 Our favourite cart for these items is Near Central Plaza

If you have visited the parks let me know what your favourite Disneyland Snack is 😊

It’s Blog Hop day🥰 so click on over too https://dustlesspixie.com/Disney-snacks and continue the fun.

Thank you for reading♥️


7 thoughts on “//Your Ultimate guide to Snacks at Disneyland//

  1. getting the butterscotch beignets for SURE when I go in 4 weeks today!
    Oh my gosh yum.
    I love that you posted where to find all the snacks!
    great post


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