// 5 Activities you can do with your kids while waiting in Disney lines//

Waiting in a line at Disneyland can sure seem like a bummer.. but only if you let it. I wanted to share some of our favourite activities that we do with our kids when we are waiting in lines. These are tips or even little activities that we do to help keep everyone keep their cool.

1) Bring a snack: This is a must if the line is over 20 mins. I always pack around at least one bottle of water to keep us hydrated but if I know that we will be standing in a line for anything over 20 mins we always make sure to bring a snack into that line with us. Usually it’s something that’s quick and shareable, like popcorn or a pretzel. Food always helps to lighten the mood and keeps us all from getting Hangry.

2) Search for hidden Mickeys: Many people do not even realize that there are hidden Mickeys everywhere throughout the park. My kids call them ” hidden Easter eggs” we love trying to spot new ones.

3) Eye spy with my little eye: This is probably our favourite family waiting game. All three of my kids really enjoy it. We usually do it on car rides but honestly being at Disney is the best for playing it.

4) Simon says: Simon says is another one of my kids favourites. They love to take turns bossing each other around 🤣

5) Heads up! (App) : Another super fun, interactive game for the whole family. This ones uses your iPhone, so I highly suggest brining an extra battery booster for your iPhone 🙂

There you have it! Those are our top 5 ways to keep everyone in our family entertained while we are waiting in those Disney lines!

Thanks for reading♥️


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